District 70 Sofa S Branco
District 70 Sofa EAN 8717202613571 - preço
District 70 Sofa S Branco - preço
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District 70 Sofa EAN 8717202613571 - preço


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Sofa District 70 8717202613571

District 70 Sofa

Sofa District 70 8717202613588

District 70 Sofa

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District 70 Sofa

Nothing is better than this Sofa for your feline friend to enjoy some sleeping time as well as lots of opportunities to play. The Sofa serves as the perfect place for scratching, cat naps and an adventurous climb. The reversible feature makes the scratching life last longer than other scratching furniture made of cardboard. For the sizes it is possible to choose between S and L per your cat’s body shape and scratching habit.

Cats love cardboard

Every cat owner knows that cats love cardboard. The versatile material offers our furry friends many happy moments, from scratching and lounging to hiding and playing. Use of only the finest recycled corrugated cardboard which contains harmless glue and is free from odours.

Why is cardboard so attractive to cats?

Cardboard is a perfect scratching surface because it just has the right texture. The corrugated cardboard is used by cats to scratch in order to sharpen their claws and to give themselves a good stretch. The eco-friendly scratching furniture of District 70 helps your cat to keep away from your furniture and its claws groomed all year long.

Trendy and stylish cat scratcher

District 70 creates stylish products that truly caters to the need of both stylish pet owners and their beloved cats. The Sofa is really a must have for every stylish home, offering an ideal cat bed without spoiling the look of your living room. Treat your cat to a beautiful place for relaxing, climbing and sharpening its claws!

  • Eco-friendly and stylish cat scratcher / lounger
  • Made from recyclable corrugated cardboard
  • Helps protect furniture from claw damage
  • Modern minimal design blends nicely with most home interiors


Size Dimensions Suitable for
S 60x28x18 cm small to medium sized cats
L 60x35x18 cm larger cat breeds

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